Corporate Eagle was the nation's very first company to receive Federal Aviation Administration Operating Specifications approval for FAR Part 91k Fractional Aircraft Operations. In addition, Corporate Eagle is the only Fractional Aircraft provider based in the State of Michigan.

As Michigan's largest and longest-serving provider of Fractional and Managed business aviation, our team has been laser-focused on fulfilling one vision since founding in 1982: creating an exemplary experience for members, every time, without compromise.

The Southeast Michigan-based team of nearly 80 full-time experienced, committed and passionate professionals, including over 40 captain-rated pilots, is relentless in achieving this vision. The team, together with Corporate Eagle's state-of-the-art facilities, unrivaled safety standards, and unmatched mission-specific modern fleet, provides a very uniquely private aviation experience, originating right here in Metro Detroit.


Michigan's largest and longest-serving provider of fractional and managed business aviation.


    Two partners, including professional corporate pilot and present-day Corporate Eagle President and CEO Rick Nini, form Tradewinds Aircraft Sales Partnership to buy and sell used light aircraft.

    Incorporated into Tradewinds Aviation, Inc., the company takes over Great Lakes Aero, a struggling flight school. With a passion for excellence, the team upgrades the fleet, staff, processes and systems to become a top-flight operation and the largest provider in Southeast Michigan.

    Tradewinds Aviation becomes a Cessna Pilot Training Center, and soon begins an owner-flown aircraft partnership program.

    Tradewinds Aviation begins an executive travel program featuring Piper Navaho Partnerships. This program is staffed with professional pilots promoted from the flight instructor staff.

    Rick Nini leaves his corporate pilot career and becomes Tradewinds Aviation's President, and adds the first King Air B200 to the executive travel program.

    The first Hawker 700 is added to the fractional fleet, and the executive travel department is branded as the Corporate Eagle Flight Department.

    The King Air fleet is replaced with three brand new King Air B200s.


    The first Hawker 800XP is added to the present-day business aviation fractional fleet, marking the start of Corporate Eagle's transition from the Hawker 700 to the Hawker 800XP.

    Tradewinds Aviation becomes the first company in the nation to receive FAA Operating Specifications Certification under the new FAR 91k Fractional Rules.

    Tradewinds Aviation is officially renamed Corporate Eagle Management Services, Inc. to better reflect its service and vision for the future and to meet growing demand for the company's fractional share program. The Corporate Eagle team divests the light aircraft operations and turns its focus to providing the most premium services exclusively for the members of the fractional and managed business aviation programs.

    The Falcon 2000 is added to the company's managed fleet to expand Corporate Eagle's global reach.

    Corporate Eagle's state-of-the-art facility unveils an extensive remodel and expansion that includes a member conference center and a fourth operational hangar, providing more space for the company's growing fleet and Membership.

    Corporate Eagle launches its first Falcon 2000 fractional program aircraft.

    Corporate Eagle relocates to a specifically designed and newly constructed 78,000 square foot headquarters on a prime 5.7 acre parcel on the Oakland County International Airport.


Corporate Eagle is dedicated to the highest standard of professional flight operations. Safety will always be our first priority, no compromises, as safety consciousness persists in the daily flight operations.

We have built the safety program and guidelines utilizing internationally recognized best practices. As a corporate policy, we operate to the standards developed and adopted by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and all its member associations, including the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). These standards, which incorporate the specific requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization and the Michigan Aeronautics Code, were developed using best practices in the business aviation community and, as such, reflect the high standards of operational safety that we continually achieve and maintain.

As a result of the constant commitment to upholding only the highest possible safety standards, Corporate Eagle is proud to share that we continue to earn and hold best-in-class safety achievements, certifications and honors.


The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) is an industry code of best practices developed by the international business aviation community for the benefit of its members. It is the group's contribution to promoting highly professional operational practices that will build on the excellent safety record already established by business aviation. Conforming to these standards and recommended practices is voluntary and may be self-administered. However, recognition for implementation of and conformance to the standards is available via an auditing process that results in an IBAC certificate of registration.

The program centers on the Safety Management System (SMS) developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and other operations-critical industries. It establishes a performance-based, risk-averse culture for aircraft operations. Audits conducted every two years ensure conformance with the standard and provide valuable feedback to the operator. The registration certificate issued upon successful completion of an audit serves as proof of compliance with several key ICAO standards, which are required for operations in a number of countries.


For 60 years, the NBAA Flying Safety Award program has brought worldwide attention to the business aircraft safety record. These awards recognize member companies for exceptional achievement in maintaining safe flying operations. Much more than a member benefit, they serve as a testimony to the high degree of professionalism inherent in business aircraft operations, and as a tribute to the skill of a company's management, maintenance, pilot and support personnel teams.

The Corporate Business Flying Safety Award, Commercial Business Flying Safety Award, and Aviation Maintenance Department Safety Award are given to companies for accident-free years and hours flown.

Granted by the NBAA Board of Directors on December 31, 2019, Corporate Eagle was awarded the Corporate Business Flying Safety Award and the Aviation Maintenance Department Safety Award for operating business aircraft for 37 years, and a total of over 141,000 consecutive flight hours without an accident.

The purpose of Air Carrier certification is to determine and ensure that an operator is able to consistently conduct commercial aircraft operations in a manner that complies with all applicable regulations and safety standards, and allows for the management of the hazard-related risks within the operating systems and environment. The certification process is designed to preclude the approval and certification of applicants who are unwilling or unable to comply with regulations or to conform to safe operating practices.

By direction of the Administrator of the FAA, on November 21, 1990, Corporate Eagle was certified to have met the requirements of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958, as amended, and the rules, regulations, and standards prescribed thereunder for authorization to operate as an Air Carrier and conduct common carriage operations.

With a mission to remain an industry leader and example in aviation safety, the Corporate Eagle team remains committed to constantly evaluating and measuring safety processes and procedures, consistently training our team, and always implementing and upholding nothing but the highest possible standards in operations.


As an FAA Certified Air Carrier, each flight-crew member must be trained and tested annually. At Corporate Eagle, we take it a step further: all Corporate Eagle pilots are fully trained and type-rated captains. They attend stringent and comprehensive recurrent training and testing, in full-motion simulators every six months, as a two-person co-captain team, which is how they fly. Training is contracted with CAE — a global leader in simulation and training for civil aviation worldwide. With over 50 years of experience in civil and military aviation training in more than 45 locations, CAE trains more than 100,000 flight-crew members annually. This depth of knowledge and experience helps ensure that your Corporate Eagle flight crew is trained to the highest standards possible.


The purpose of the Check Airmen is to ensure, through periodic observation and evaluation of flight crews, that the standards as defined and approved by the company and the FAA are being followed both in spirit and letter. Not every commercial aircraft operator is approved to utilize a company Check Airman to administer the required ground and flight evaluations of its pilots on behalf of the FAA. There is a high standard that must be met for such a privilege.

Each of Corporate Eagle's Check Airmen must demonstrate biannually to the FAA that they have the experience, training, and discipline to act on the FAA's behalf, not only as an evaluator but also a professional resource of safety knowledge and practice. As such, Corporate Eagle's FAA-approved Check Airmen are also Assistant Chief Pilots designated as specific Program Managers. Regarding all matters of safety, the Assistant Chief Pilot's authority and responsibility is to enforce company safety policy and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

By having designated in-house Check Airmen for each aircraft type, maximum safety oversight and standardization are achieved and maintained. This also allows for the flexibility to administer the required ground and flight evaluations of its pilot crew, minimizing scheduling inconveniences to the Member, which may result from a lack of available qualified FAA Inspectors.

Corporate Eagle operates by the book, every time. It sounds simple, but today's modern dynamic and complex flight environment pose challenges that can stress even the most straightforward and implicit tenets of safety.


We asked our Members what they thought of Corporate Eagle — here, in their own words are some of the great things they had to say.

As a frequent traveler, Corporate Eagle has made my life so much easier when it comes to air travel. I have been flying with them for over 10 years and have never felt safer in the air and on the ground. Their attention to detail makes for a stress-free flight every time!

The staff is not only thorough, professional, and friendly, but they go out of their way to make me and my fellow passengers feel important and respected. More importantly, they make us feel special. There is never any doubt that the plane will depart and arrive on time; have the necessary amenities; the requested ground transportation will be waiting when we land; or a meeting room will be reserved and stocked as requested.

Corporate Eagle has far exceeded expectations when it comes to providing members with dedicated, safe, and quality service! It is truly a pleasure dealing and traveling with this wonderful group of people. I have received many, many calls from other private travel companies throughout the years, but always respectfully decline, knowing that I am flying with the best.

Everyone in this organization is the model of professional excellence coupled with the right blend of warmth and friendliness — superb service!

We're always presented with professional, courteous and high-quality service.

The Corporate Eagle Team is professional, well trained and a team we can always count on. All details are handled without failure. They are as good as any internal corporate flight management organization. In fact, better since they have to earn your business. We trust them with our travel needs and to respond extremely quickly. Truly a great service.

Outstanding experience, first class from every standpoint. Really understand service excellence and safety first.

Corporate Eagle is known for excellent service by professionals who provide safe, reliable travel at a fair cost. You can count on them to deliver.


Corporate Eagle can take you anywhere in the world you need to go — whether that's a half-hour away, or on the other side of the globe. The flexible, mission-specific fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum comfort, convenience, and productivity while you travel. Additionally, the fleet size ensures Members outstanding availability. In fact, Corporate Eagle guarantees a jet will always be available when you need it and, because of the local base, be ready for takeoff faster than any aviation company in the industry.


The Falcon 2000EX, Corporate Eagle’s high-performance, wide-body, large cabin business jet, adds non-stop flight capabilities to the European continent and Southern Hemisphere.

Configured for 10 passengers, including the capacity for a cabin attendant, cabin accommodations include a fully equipped forward galley, a completely private aft lavatory, and a combined 131 cubic feet of inflight-accessible luggage and wardrobe storage space.

Member inflight productivity includes Gogo Biz L5 AVANCE 4G Wi-Fi with Text & Talk, high-speed Swift Broadband worldwide satellite voice and data system, Gogo Vision Entertainment, and an Airshow 500 flight information system with dual LCD widescreen monitors.

Additionally, to enhance the worldwide aircraft performance, Corporate Eagle’s Falcon 2000EX cockpit offers the latest Rockwell/Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite, including the FANS 1/A+ (Future Air Navigation System) capabilities, and is fully NexGen compliant.

Powering this aircraft, are two Pratt & Whitney PW 308C, high-efficiency turbofan engines, delivering 7,000 pounds of thrust each, offering superior long-range fuel efficiency. Combined with advanced aerodynamics, the Falcon 2000EX attains a speed of 558 MPH, a service ceiling of 47,000 feet, and operational range of over 4,000 miles.

The Corporate Eagle Falcon 2000EX brings the world to our members.




Normal Cruise Speed
Maximum Range
Maximum Cruise Altitude
 455 KTAS
 3,935 NM
 47,000 feet


Cabin Length
Cabin Height
Cabin Width

Cabin Volume
Baggage Volume
1,024 cubic feet
131 cubic feet


The Hawker 900XP is the final direct descendant of the most successful mid-size jet ever built. Unlike any other business jet on earth, the 900XP is recognized around the world as the best in the mid-size class. With flexibility unparalleled by any other mid-size business jet, the 900XP’s short-range efficiency, transcontinental capabilities, ruggedness, speed and comfort make this Hawker unique.

The Honeywell TFE-731-50BR engines and Blended Winglets provide the best mid-size jet performance combination of payload capacity, high altitude operations, rate of climb, cruise speeds and range.

The cockpit includes the installation of the full Collins Pro-Line 21 Modernization package, featuring new 3D LCD Cockpit displays, Synthetic Vision, the highest performance GPS systems, Vertical Navigation, the latest Collision Avoidance Systems, and much more.

The 900XPs have expansive cabins that provide standing headroom along their entire length. The spacious conference-room-in-the-sky easily accommodates up to nine passengers, their luggage, full fuel, and still have payload left over. Additionally, the Hawker 900XPs have a fully equipped forward galley with microwave oven, a full private aft lavatory and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to drive the powerful environmental control system to ensure overall comfort on the ground and in the sky.

Member In-flight productivity and entertainment is promoted by the latest in cabin technology options, such as unlimited Gogo Biz L5 AVANCE 4G Wi-Fi with Text & Talk, Gogo Vision and Airshow 500 Flight Information System with dual cabin monitors.

With exceptional fuel efficiency, the 900XP can achieve speeds of 500 MPH, cruise altitudes up to 41,000 feet, and has an operational range of up to 2,700 miles.

Versatile, efficient and comfortable — no wonder the Hawker 900XP is one of the most successful business jet aircraft in history.




Normal Cruise Speed
Maximum Range
Maximum Cruise Altitude
 435 KTAS
 2,625 NM
 41,000 feet


Cabin Length
Cabin Height
Cabin Width

Cabin Volume
Baggage Volume
604 cubic feet
50 cubic feet


The Beechcraft Super King Air B200 is the world's most popular twin-engine propjet. Produced by Beechcraft Corporation, the King Air is a medium-range business aircraft that can land almost anywhere and perform flawlessly in virtually any conditions. This combination of performance and reliability makes the King Air the most versatile business aircraft in the sky. With a square-oval cabin providing passengers with generous head and shoulder room and comfortable seating for up to eight, the Super King Air efficiency and speed are unmatched for trips of 500 miles or less.

Cabin accommodations in our B200 fleet include a fully equipped forward galley, a private aft lavatory, an Aircell telephone, and an in-flight-accessible, pressurized and heated baggage compartment offering over 55-cubic feet of luggage capacity.

Power for the B200s comes from the ultra-reliable Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42 turboprop engine, one of the most popular turboprop aircraft engines in history. With unmatched performance, reliability and value, the PT6A is trusted worldwide for its dependability. With exceptional fuel efficiency, the B200 can achieve speeds of 322 MPH, cruise altitudes up to 28,000 feet, and has a comfortable operational range of up to 1,150 miles.

Whether for business or pleasure, the Super King Air fleet combines a perfect blend of versatility, comfort, efficiency and safety.




Normal Cruise Speed
Maximum Range
Maximum Cruise Altitude
 283 KTAS
 1,840 NM
 35,000 feet


Cabin Length
Cabin Height
Cabin Width

Cabin Volume
Baggage Volume
338 cubic feet
55.3 cubic feet

When it's time to choose an aircraft management team, we believe you should look very closely at the details. The passion, experience and dedication of a locally based, Fractional and Managed Business Aviation Program provides Members with superior, efficient and individualized service.

The Corporate Eagle Advantage


No Jet Cards. No Charters. No Outside Users.

The impeccable Southeast Michigan 15-aircraft fleet, 78,000-sq-ft facility, and 75 full-time, experienced, committed and passionate professionals, including 40 captain-rated pilots, are dedicated to 50 Southeast Michigan Members.

Corporate Eagle does not compromise on retaining extraordinary talent that shares a passion to deliver our Platinum Standard services. Corporate Eagle's Organization Chart is deep in talent, long in time on the job, and laser-focused on one product and singular purpose.

All based in Southeast Michigan for Southeast Michigan Members, the Corporate Eagle team works, lives, and raises their families in Southeast Michigan — Members need not transport their business aircraft from out of state.

Fractional share membership is through the purchase or lease of a share in a Program aircraft based upon the amount of airtime that you require. All costs are totally transparent, all-inclusive and predictable. And membership is pro-rated by days-per-year you require your aircraft, so there is no rationing of flight hours.

Corporate Eagle understands that its Members fly private because they don't like restrictive rules. Members never have flight-time minimums, pay for taxi time or punishing cancellation and trip fees, or need to schedule around peak travel days and restricted service areas. One-way or round-trip flights may be taken anywhere and at any time. And, to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency, Members may keep the aircraft and flight crew with them for day or multi-day trips.


The Corporate Eagle mission statement is written on the staff entrance door: Create an Exemplary Member Experience, without Compromise. And the entire team is fully trained in delivering the Corporate Eagle Platinum Standard.

The Flight Operations Team is always available to Members and prepared to arrange flight and transportation details. You fly when and where you need to go, day or night. A suitable notice is ideal; however, we are at-the-ready to put the wheels and wings in motion when your time requires immediate travel.

Each aircraft is meticulously maintained and detailed, including 167-point pre-flight inspections prior to every departure. Maintenance and Ground Support Technicians are assigned to every departure and arrival. In addition, an On-Board Services Team member is specifically assigned to every departure to ensure the aircraft cabin is impeccably cleaned, well-organized and perfectly stocked with Members' personal comfort and convenience preferences. They will see off each departure and park your vehicle in the secured lot or hangar.

From an hour prior to your first takeoff until you return home, you'll have direct contact with your flight crew in order to discuss any changes to your itinerary, special requests, flight condition, as well as any of your needs that may arise. Additionally, your flight crew is empowered to anticipate any unique trip details and provide additional services for Members that will make your travel more comfortable and convenient.

Members are also encouraged to utilize the facility's private, well-appointed Conference Centers before or after flights, or to meet with guests.

Members arrive at the facility and, entering through a coded gate, may drive right up to the aircraft to be greeted by one of the pilots. Your aircraft cabin will be presented exactly the same way, every time, with your company logo displayed. Your automobile will be valet-parked, fueled, detailed, and running upon your return.

To meet our Members' demanding schedules,
Corporate Eagle is available from our local base 24/7/365.


Corporate Eagle's local base, commonality of fleet, purchasing power, synergies, and completely documented processes, procedures, and checklists provide great efficiencies and service advantages for Members. The unique business model and fleet size, dedicated to Members only, equates to better availability and residual fleet value for Members. It also allows the Corporate Eagle team the opportunity to provide great attention to the aircraft appearance details that are unparalleled in the industry.

In addition, Corporate Eagle passes along to Members the cost efficiencies of having inventory capacity of 45,000 gallons of jet fuel purchased at pipeline pricing. Corporate Eagle inventories over one million dollars of top-of-the-line spare aircraft parts and components for the common fleet and has an in-house staff of experienced, professional, and well-trained Maintenance Technicians.

Corporate Eagle's unique weight-off-wheels Hobbs Meter means airframe hours, engine hours, and Member billable flight time are determined by actual time the aircraft is airborne — no additional taxi time added to each leg and no minimum-flight-time requirements.

Our all-aircraft Interchange Agreement allows Members to select the most mission-specific type of aircraft for a given trip mission, as well as simultaneous use of multiple aircraft.

Corporate Eagle members can be rest assured that facility is completely operational during a power outage by our generator that can run the entire facility during a time of need.


The dynamics of international flight operations are consistently evolving. Flights in each country overflown and operated within are required to follow the rules of that country. Utilizing advantages like special customs handling and holding qualifications for over-flight permits, Corporate Eagle has the experience and expertise to perform international travel and make global trips as seamless as domestic travel — in fact, Corporate Eagle has touched down in 27 different countries in just the past twelve months.


Whether a driver service or rental car is required, Corporate Eagle arranges for plane-side service upon Members' arrival. At home base, your personal vehicle will be cleaned, polished, detailed, and fueled; the vehicle will be running plane-side with the interior temperature adjusted at your arrival.


Corporate Eagle hand-picks the finest pedigree aircraft, as well as contracts and supervises all upgrades and refurbishments, and delivers an outstanding aircraft to you on the ramp — ready to go.

Your dedicated aircraft, under our management, receives extraordinary care and will always be stored in a meticulously maintained hangar. The aircraft cabin will be customized with storage compartments specifically designed for your personal supplies. The On-Board Services Team will perfectly maintain every inch of the aircraft interior. The Aircraft Maintenance Group not only provides uncompromised aircraft maintenance and documentation, they maintain, clean, and polish every aircraft exterior to like-new standards. No hourly labor invoicing — ever.

All members of the Corporate Eagle flight crew are full-time, thoroughly trained, captain-qualified pilots dedicated to their profession. At Corporate Eagle, it's a privilege to immerse Members in an exceptional luxury-travel experience like none other.

A commitment to ensuring Members have a seamless and comfortable travel experience does not end when you leave Southeast Michigan. When you are away from home, whether across the country or across the globe, we have you covered with a new alliance with United Kingdom-based, publicly traded Air Partner.

No matter where in the world you are, simply call the Flight Operations Team, and we will quickly and seamlessly arrange an aircraft through our Air Partner alliance to meet you where you are. We will bill you back at net cost, and the days will not count against your contract.

In addition to providing private air support on-demand when you're away from the Southeast Michigan home base, Air Partner also serves as the primary backup for the Corporate Eagle fleet in the event that your aircraft is unavailable.

We invested significant time and effort into selecting the best possible strategic partner for Corporate Eagle, and are fully confident that Air Partner is the one. Their reputation for safety and service excellence aligns perfectly with ours, and with a global network of 20 offices spanning North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, they greatly enhance our geographic reach — ensuring you can go anywhere in the world when you need to. Air Partner has been in business since 1961, and is the preferred supplier of many Fortune 500 companies, governments, and private individuals worldwide. In fact, in 2015, Air Partner was awarded the Excellence in Corporate Aviation Award by World Commerce Review — a true testament to their excellence and fit for us.


Corporate Eagle's great people are at the heart of everything we do. Their passion, spirit, dedication, and pride are the fuel for the entire operation, and the reason we are able to provide Members with exemplary safety and experiences, without compromise. Whether they have been here for one year or 20 years, delivering an outstanding experience means more to this team than just checking items off a list — it is part of who we are.

The following outstanding individuals and their team members are leading the charge at Corporate Eagle, and stand ready to assist our Members in any way:

  • Rick Nini

    Chairman and CEO
    Start Date: 1982
  • Chad Bredernitz

    Executive VP and CFO
    Start Date: 2002
  • George Terry

    VP Director of
    Maintenance Operations
    Start Date: 2000
  • Christopher Weedon

    VP Director of Flight Operations
    Start Date: 1998
  • Matt Brennan

    President and COO
    Start Date: 1997
  • Rich Varnadoe

    Aircraft Inspection
    Start Date: 1999
  • Joe Verrelli

    Maintenance Crew Chief
    Start Date: 2001
  • Douglas Champagne

    Chief Pilot
    Start Date: 2018
  • Matt Ragsdale

    Assistant Director of Operations
    Start Date: 2011

  • Alan Duplacey

    On-Board Services Group Manager
    Start Date: 2007

Oakland County International Airport
6480 Highland Road
Waterford, MI 48327


Rick Nini, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Christopher Weedon, VP Director of Flight Operations
Matt Brennan, President and Chief Operating Officer
Chad Bredernitz, Executive VP Chief Financial Officer
George Terry, VP Director of Maintenance Operations